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Rangoli Carnival-21st Founder’s Day

Where Fun takes Flight!!!Sanskriti KMV School marked a significant milestone with its 21st Founder’s Day celebration with unparalleled grandeur, as the school’s picturesque campus transformed into a vibrant tapestry of colors and festivity during the ‘Rangoli Carnival’. The Carnival was inaugurated by revered Shri Chander Mohan Ji, President Arya Shiksha Mandal, a luminary figure, philanthropist, and visionary in the realm of education, respected Smt. Niraja Chander Mohan Ji and worthy Principal Mrs. Rachna Monga. Mr. & Mrs. Dhruv Mittal, Treasurer, Dr. Pardeep Bhandari, Principal Doaba College, Mrs. Pardeep Bhandari, Dr. Kamal Gupta and Dr. S.P. Gupta elevated the event to great heights with their presence. Spellbinding cultural performances unfolded and the game stalls added an element of friendly competition, with enticing prizes awaiting the lucky winners. Rajan Syal, Founder of Parindey Academy for Dance and Fitness, along with his team members brought an electrifying energy to the carnival. Shri Chander Mohan Ji, President Arya Shiksha Mandal, commended Sanskriti KMV Team for the 21st Founder’s Day spectacular celebration and bestowed his heartfelt blessings. The masterstroke of the event was the super surprise lucky draw in which ten random winners were picked up. The lucky winners for the draw are

First Prize – Ishan Soni

Second Prize – Ms. Nitika Sharma

Third Prize – Admission Number 3738 – Anaya D/o Vinay Kumar – LKG Dahlia

Fourth Prize – Admission Number 3844 – Manvi Sharma D/o Lalit Kumar – V Dahlia

Fifth Prize – Ms. Amarpreet Kaur

Sixth Prize – Ms. Simarpreet Kaur

Seventh Prize – Ms. Deepti Sharma

Eigth Prize – Admission Number 1425 – Garv Malhotra S/o Rohit Malhotra – VIII Lotus

Ninth Prize – Admission Number 3396 – Ayush Gupta S/o Chotelal Gupta – VIII Dahlia

Tenth Prize – Admission Number 3949 – Samar Sharma S/o Sushil Kumar – LKG Jasmine

Principal, Mrs. Rachna Monga, in her inspirational address, vigorously congratulated the winners and lauded the dedication and innate talents of the participants.


Sanskriti KMV School observed World AIDS Day with a resounding commitment to raise awareness and dispelling myths surrounding HIV/AIDS. The school organized an awareness campaign depicting Global Aim- "Let Communities Lead",engaging students in a collective effort to promote prevention and understanding.
In an effort to empower the student body with accurate information, student volunteers from grades VIII to XII conducted informative sessions within classrooms, dispelling common myths and highlighting preventive measures against the transmission of HIV.
Principal, Mrs. Rachna Monga emphasized the significance of collective awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In her message, she underscored the importance of education as a powerful tool in breaking down stereotypes and fostering a supportive environment.