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National Road Safety Month

32nd National Road Safety Month from 18th Jan. 2021 to 17th Feb. 2021Safe School Vahan Scheme 2021.

Marking the 32nd National Road Safety Month from 18th Jan. 2021 to 17th Feb. 2021, Sanskriti KMV School held an awareness and interactive session on Traffic Rules and Road Safety in coordination with Traffic Education Cell, Jalandhar.

With the Chief presence of Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal, Sh. Gagnesh Kumar, PPS, ADCP Traffic, S. Harbinder Singh Bhalla, ACP, Traffic, an extensive interaction Session on following traffic rules and maintaining road safety was undertaken by Mr. Shamsher Singh, ASI, and Mr. Ramesh Kumar ASI, Traffic Education Cell for the transport department of Sanskriti KMV School.

Department staff was guided extensively on following road safety rules, following anti COVID protocol, maintaining cleanliness of vehicles as well as while plying on roads and harmful consequences of intoxicant consumption, usage of mobile phones while driving as well as the new traffic penalty rules.

In his words to the staff, Mr Gagnesh Kumar, ADCP Traffic, called for genuine concern for self and social safety by obeying traffic rules.

Among the other officials present were, Sh. Ranjit Singh SI and Sh Talwinder Singh, ASI and other staff personnel.

Principal Mrs Rachna Monga while thanking the Officers, Traffic Education Cell, mentioned that Sanskriti KMV School Management has always welcomed and initiated the programs inclined towards social cause.

School has always made a bench mark in following all norms of safe school transport and assured for continuing its standard working.


Examinations scheduled for tomorrow, 10th July 2024, will now be held on 15th July 2024, Monday.
 Note the following time schedule:
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 Nursery: 8:55 AM to 12:15 PM
 LKG to UKG: 7:55 AM to 12:15 PM
On 11th, 12th & 15th July 2024 Timings:
 Grade I, II & IX to XII: 7:55 AM to 12:15 PM
 Grade III to VIII: 7:55 AM to 10:10 AM
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