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Earth Day: Celebrating Our Planet’s Splendor

In fields of green and oceans deep, Earth’s gentle whispers softly creep. On this day, let’s vow to keep, Her beauty pure, her treasures reap. Today, as we mark Earth Day, let’s pause to reflect on the profound beauty and importance of our shared home. Earth, with its vast oceans, lush forests, and diverse ecosystems, sustains all life on this planet. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable living practices. To make the students realize the significance of this day , Sanskriti KMV School contributed to this cause through several activities and initiatives aimed at raising awareness and promoting eco friendly habits organised by all the wings of the school. Together, let’s work towards a greener, cleaner future where every day is Earth Day. Let’s cherish and care for our Earth, for it is our greatest treasure.


As per State Administrative orders, the Summer Break for students from LKG to Grade II will commence from 20th May 2024, Monday.
As per State Government orders, the summer break for students in Grades III to XII will commence from  21st May 2024, Tuesday.
All ongoing and scheduled UT 1 Examinations of Grades III to XII will be held after the Summer Break.
 Updated examination schedules will be communicated in due course.