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Be an Ideal Learner

Every student of Sanskriti KMV School is the face of the institution, hence it is the foremost duty of each student to carry a very discipline conduct and personality.

  1. Students must maintain  a good hygiene and come to school in neat and complete school uniform.
  2. Punctuality and regularity to school should be the first step of good conduct for the students.
  3. Students must inculcate habit of speaking English as a  medium of communication in the school campus and in school vehicles.  Use of any absurd and abusive language with anyone is highly prohibited.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic gadget to the school. Expensive items and ornaments are also disallowed.
  5. It is the foremost duty of a student to be attentive in the class, complete the assigned work, revise the concepts through self study and  perform well in academic assessments.
  6. Students must also show enthusiastic participation in various co-curricular events as and when launched in the school.
  7. Students must respect and be courteous to all the administrative, academic and support staff.
  8. Senior grade students must be sensitive to the presence of junior grade students, and demonstrate responsible behavior in all situations.
  9. Taking care of school resources and using it appropriately is an important conduct of all the students.
  10. All students must maintain classroom discipline, as well as while approaching other venues in the school.
  11. Birthday celebrations and exchange of gifts with the students and staff is not allowed.
  12. 75% attendance during the academic session is compulsory for appearing in the final examination.  Leave is granted only on the prescribed format signed  by the parents/guardians, which must be submitted to the class teacher on the following  day.
  13. In case of sick leave availed for more than 3 days,  a medical certificate  from a registered medical practitioner  should be submitted. However, students suffering from any contagious disease can only resume school only on the completion of a quarantine period and on producing  a fitness certificate.
  14. Cosmetic outlook is not allowed for the students.  No stylish haircuts and hairdo are permitted.
  15. Students from grade X onwards may come in non-geared two wheelers. Students of grade XI-XII may come on motor bikes.  Students must have valid driving license and consent from the parents to come on self conveyance.
  16. Students must regularly share their academic remarks from the school with their parents.

It is expected that the students, will imbibe the message of Sanskriti KMV  School and will try his/her best to become an exemplary student.


  1. Identity card with latest photograph in school uniform and school diary to be carried daily failing which, the student will not be allowed to attend the school.
  2. Students should be careful to keep their classrooms and the school premises spick and span.
  3. Students are not allowed to bring / wear costly items of any kind like calculators, transistors, precious coins, items of jewellery etc. The school will not be accountable for the loss of any such articles.
  4. Mobile phones or any other electronic gadget, if found with the student will be confiscated.
  5. Students are not allowed to use school telephone without the permission of the receptionist. If required, they can be called to answer a phone call.
  6. Silence should be maintained while moving in the corridors.
  7. Students must show due respect and deference to the school authorities i.e, teaching staff and the administrative staff.
  8. Students must treat everybody with respect and in a polite manner.
  9. Students must treat all the school property with due care. They are liable to pay for any damage they cause.
  10. Bursting crackers or throwing colours on each other in the school premises is strictly forbidden. Non compliance of these instructions may result in expulsion from the school also.
  11. Leave Rules
    (a) Students must attend the school regularly and punctually. Every absence (sick or otherwise) must be entered in the leave record page in this diary and shown to the class teacher on the day he/she comes to the school .
    (b) Parents must get leave sanctioned from the Principal, for their ward if it exceeds 3 days.
  12. Appreciation :
    Exceptionally outstanding academic achievers are awarded Scholar Badge.
  13. Distribution of gift packs on birthdays is strictly not allowed. Students can distribute only candies in their class.
  14. Students using the school bus should maintain discipline in the bus. Bus facility will be withdrawn in cases where discipline is not properly maintained.
  15. During working hours, parents are not allowed to meet the teachers. Parents should leave their wards near the gate. They should not escort their wards to the classrooms.


  1. All the students are encouraged to make the best use of school library.
    (a) Only one book will be issued at a time. Late return will be fined.1.
    (b) Writing, marking or underlining in library books is absolutely forbidden.
    (c) Any loss or damage of the book will be fined.
    (d) Students must observe library discipline.



Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday,
Girls – White shirt (half sleeves), green check skirt, white socks with blue green strips, belt and black shoes.
Boys – White shirt (half sleeves), blue strip shorts (Grade Nursery- V ), blue strip trousers (VI-XII), white socks with blue green strips, belt and black shoes.
WednesdayHouse Track Suit, white socks with blue green strips and
black shoes.


Monday, Tuesday,
Girls – White shirt (Full Sleeves), grey skirt/trouser, grey sweater, grey check blazer, neck tie and belt.
Boys – White shirt (Full Sleeves), grey trouser, grey sweater and grey check blazer, neck tie and belt.Grey socks with white blue strips and black shoes
WednesdayHouse Track Suit, Grey socks with white blue strips and
black shoes
  1. Girls – Navy blue ribbon/bands
  2. Boys – Navy blue turban/patka
  3. Students must wear authentic school uniform with school logo.
  4. No fancy alterations are allowed in the uniform.
  5. Only school shoes must be worn.
  6. *All Saturdays are off for Pre-Primary.


ANNUAL RESULT DECLARATION PTM for grade Nursery-II, IX and XI will be held on 12th March 2024, Tuesday, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.



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