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A webinar on Eye Care Awareness in association with the Education Cell, PIMS-2021

A webinar on Eye Care Awareness in association with the Education Cell, PIMS, Jalandhar was organized at Sanskriti KMV School, to raise awareness amongst students and parents about ‘Mucormycosis’ ( Black Fungus) infection, emerged during the second wave of coronavirus, its symptoms and ways to prevent it. The Resource Person for the webinar was Dr. Tania Moudgil (Prof., Department of Ophthalmology, PIMS, Jalandhar). Dr.Moudgil started the session with popular manifestations of Covid-19 which included Kerato-Conjunctivitis , Dry Eye Disease and Mucormycosis. During the session, she acquainted the students with the theories of developing mucor, its symptoms and also preventive measures of the disease. She recommended everyone to use fresh masks, big screens, eat right, adopt correct sitting posture and eye exercises to abstain from eyelid edema, redness in eyes, watery eyes and vision loss. She also clarified the student doubts regarding ‘Ocular Health’. Mrs. Rachna Monga, Principal expressed her gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Dr.Moudgil for sharing valuable information with students, parents and faculty members. She also encouraged the students to follow the tips shared in order to prevent the spread of this potentially fatal fungus. The webinar witnessed an enthusiastic participation.


Examinations scheduled for tomorrow, 10th July 2024, will now be held on 15th July 2024, Monday.
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