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A Display of Exceptional Skill and Dedication!!!

n an outstanding display of strategic brilliance and steadfast determination, the budding chess maestro of Sanskriti K.M.V. School, Shourya, has clinched the coveted Gold Medal in the Boys Under-14 category at the Punjab School Chess Competition. His exceptional talent has brought honor and pride not only to Jalandhar district but to the entire state of Punjab. Principal, Ms Rachna Monga, expressed her delight and highlighted that this remarkable victory reaffirms the commitment of Sanskriti K.M.V. School to nurture and support exceptional talent in various fields, ensuring the continuity of students to shine on both the academic and extracurricular fronts.


Sanskriti KMV School observed World AIDS Day with a resounding commitment to raise awareness and dispelling myths surrounding HIV/AIDS. The school organized an awareness campaign depicting Global Aim- "Let Communities Lead",engaging students in a collective effort to promote prevention and understanding.
In an effort to empower the student body with accurate information, student volunteers from grades VIII to XII conducted informative sessions within classrooms, dispelling common myths and highlighting preventive measures against the transmission of HIV.
Principal, Mrs. Rachna Monga emphasized the significance of collective awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In her message, she underscored the importance of education as a powerful tool in breaking down stereotypes and fostering a supportive environment.