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100% XII Board Result (2020-2021)

Excellence is an Absolute Habit at Sanskriti KMV School

Sanskriti KMV School students unfurling the flag of success through beating all the challenges posed by the global situations, once again brought extreme laurels to the institution and their families as  CBSE aired XII grade board result today.  Session 2020-21 devoted to online studies came up with new strengths and innovations developed by the school and the learners. With the 100% result in XII CBSE Boards in all the streams of 145 students, school once again upholds its prominent position in producing academic excellence.

School gem and an all rounder, Palak Duggal  kept the tradition of super excellence in academics by scoring 98.4% in Non Medical.

Super toppers are-

1.Non Medical-

Palak Duggal 98.4%,  D/o Mr Sanjeev Duggal and Mrs Vaishali Duggal Aryan Arya 95.8%
Anshika Jain 91.4%
Nidhi 91.4%
Toshak Prashar 90%
Aditya Anand 90%

2. Commerce- 

Reman Malhotra 97.4%, S/o Mr Mukal Malhotra and Mrs Bhawna
Navjeet Singh 95.8%
Ritik Sehdev 92.6%
Shabaz Singh 91.6 %
Prabhsimran Singh 91.6%
Kuljeet Singh 90.6%
Vani Chadha 90.2%

3. Humanities –

Kirandeep Kaur 97.4 %, D/o Mr Rajwinder Singh & Mrs Sukhjeet Kaur
Priayanshi 96%
Rajwinder Kaur 94.2%
Gargi Sharma93.2%
Sanjoli 93%

4. Medical –     

Geetika Sharma 96% D/o Mr Sunil Sharma and Mrs Monika Sharma
Harishika 95.8%
Karan Singh 92.6%

Subject wise highest score is as follows –

  • Maths- 100, Palak  Duggal
  • Biology- 99, Harishika
  • Chemistry- 99, Palak Duggal
  • Physics- 99, Palak Duggal
  • Business Studies – 99 Navjeet Singh
  • Economics-  99, Reman Malhotra
  • Sociology- 99 Kirandeep Kaur
  • English – 98, Reman Malhotra
  •  Political Science- 96, Kirandeep Kaur
  • Accounts- 95, Reman Malhotra
  • Hindi- 93 Rajwinder Kaur
  • Physical Education – 99, Aryan Arya
  • Music Vocal- 100 Aditya Anand
  • Painting-  97 Rajwinder Kaur
  • Dance- 97 Palak Duggal
  • Computers- 88 Jasleen Saini

The over all statistical status of score is:

  • 95%-100%- 8 students
  • 90% – 94.8%- 13 students
  • 80%-89.8%- 53  Students
  • 70%- 79.8%- 53 students
  • 60%-69.8 %- 18 students

100 % First division of all 145 students

On praising the school’s incessant efforts through online and offline academics during 2020-21, Sh Chander Mohan ji President and Mrs Atima Sharma, Manager Sanskriti KMV School, heartily congratulated Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal and mentioned their heartiest wishes to the school, students and the parents for the  applaudable scores in XII CBSE Boards.

Principal Mrs Rachna Monga, extended her heartiest wishes  to the merit scorers and all other students for the praise worthy  academic performance during the pandemic phase.

Inspite of the steep-hill challenges, Sanskriti KMV  School shouldered the colossal responsibility of not only reaching to the students but also kept them focused and motivated for excellent academics. The result has further concreted social faith in the institution.


ANNUAL RESULT DECLARATION PTM for grade Nursery-II, IX and XI will be held on 12th March 2024, Tuesday, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.



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