August 22, 2020

Dear Parents,
Sanskriti KMV School always goes ahead in giving quality education to the students. Dealing with the present scenario we are already into practice of online teaching through virtual classrooms, stepping ahead we are now going to introduce teaching through SNAPHOMEWORK induced Zoom classrooms. Here the students will get uninterrupted long duration classes and involvement of more than one teacher. Snaphomework is a platform of easy connectivity between teachers students and parents.
Instructions for students to join Snaphomework induced Zoom classes:
 Upgrade your Snaphomework app.
 Students will receive a notification about this online class through
snaphomework app. Access the circular and click on join link
shared by the teacher.
 Keep your device fully charged prior to class.
 Reserve a peaceful place while attending these classes.
 The online sessions are recorded any child interfering with the

class in any manner can be easily detected. This necessitates self-

 Do not exit the class till session is complete.
 Be punctual and disciplined in your routine of attending classes.
The link between school, teachers and students is vital we need to
keep it alive ,so we are always putting best of our efforts. We are
sure of your support and co-operation at all times.