All the students are encouraged to make the best use of library. Performa for issuing library is given in almanac. The book will be issued for 1 week.

  1. Only one book will be issued at a time. A fine will be imposed in case of failure to return the book on time.

  2. Writing, marking or underlining in library books is absolutely forbidden.

  3. Books lost, damaged or mishandled, have to be paid for or replaced.

Perfect silence is to be observed in the library.


The concept of smart class has been introduced where in, modules integrated with the topics in the syllabi are displayed on the plasma screen. The topics are explained through animated pictures, making teaching-learning process interesting and effective. Every class is given smart class for full day twice a week.


In the present curriculum the importance of lab has increased due to the fact that students cannot learn properly unless they conduct the experiments themselves. Keeping in mind the theory of learning by doing, the school has following labs:

Physics Lab

The hi-tech physics lab is well equipped with the apparatus required for better understanding of the subject and various laws.

Chemistry Lab

The hi-tech chemistry lab is equipped with the latest and high standard equipment and chemicals required up to class XII.

Bio Lab

A Bio-lab contains each and every sample, specimen and equipment required for class XII.

Social Science Lab

A Social Science Lab has been developed so that classrooms and field based ‘Lab work’ is conceptualized as central components of broader scientific investigation of the natural world conducted by the students.

Math Lab

The idea of Math Lab has been conceptualized to make the children understand the fundamentals of the subject effectively. The apparatus like abacus, models are used for better understanding of various topics of Arithmetic Mensuration, Trigonometry etc.

Computer Lab

The School has two computer laboratories for students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.


  1. Parents desiring to use the school transport may apply for the same in the school office. The charges will have to be paid along with the fee.

  2. In case of emergency such as following, school will not be able to run the bus

  • Sudden breakdown of the vehicle

  • Sudden sickness of the driver

  • Shortage of diesel on the pumps

  • Any other unavoidable incident

  1. School will be taking all precautions against any risk but in case of any mishap, the school will not be held responsible.

  2. The bus/van will move on their definite routes. Children will be picked up from and dropped at fix stops.

  3. Bus/van time-table will be strictly followed. In case of any delay (more than half an hour) Parents may make enquiries on the school telephone numbers.

Mode of conveyance

  • Students only up to IV can avail the facility of Buggie.

  • Students from VIII – X class can come either on Activa or Scooty (Motor bikes are not allowed)

  • Students of XI and XII are allowed to come on motor bikes if they have valid driving license.

  • Helmet is compulsory for the students coming by scooty, Activa or Motor Bike