WITH 100% XII CBSE Board Result 2020

Sanskriti KMV School students once again brought laurels to the institution and their families as the CBSE
aired XII grade board result. With the 100% result in XII CBSE Boards in all the streams of 138 students,
school once again upholds its honour.
Streamwise toppers are-

Medical –97.8% scored by Sonika D/o Mr Jasbir Singh
Commerce- 96.6% scored by Chahatpreet Singh S/o Mr Balbir Singh
Nonmedical- 95.6% scored by Ritika Malhotra D/o Mr Pramod Malhotra
Humanities – 91.8% scored by Snehpreet Kaur D/o S. Jarnail Singh
Subject wise highest score is as follows –

 English – Rahul Arora 100%
 Biology- Sonika 99%
 Chemistry- Sonika 98%
 Physics- Sonika, Harmit Singh, Ritika Malhotra 95%
 Maths- Manjosh Badla, Harmit Singh and Arrnab Minhas 95%
 Business Studies – Chahatpreet Singh and Harshita Dhir 97%
 Computers- Chahatpreet Singh 97%
 Accounts- Chahatpreet Singh, Garima Kapoor and Isha Choudhary – 95%
 Economics- Chahatpreet Singh 97%
 Sociology- Snehpreet Kaur- 92%
 Hindi- Snehpreet Kaur- 92%
 Political Science- Yuvraj Verma 90%
 Painting- Abdul Rehman, Ginny Madar, Manveer Kaur 100%
 Dance- Harshita Dhir 100%
 Music Vocal- Dhiraj Hira 99%
 Physical Education – Ankita Sharma 99%
The over all statistical status of score is:
Above 90%- 19 students
85%-90%- 17 Students
80%- 85%- 13 students
75%-80%- 29 students
70%-75% -22 students
55%-70%- 38 students

Sh Chander Mohan ji President and Mrs Atima Sharma, Manager Sanskriti KMV School, heartily
congratulated MrsRachnaMonga, Principal and mentioned their heartiest wishes to the school, students and
the parents for the applaud able scores in XII CBSE Boards.
Principal Mrs Rachna Monga, extended her heartiest wishes to the merit scorers and all other students for
the praise worthy academic performance. She quoted that it is the dedication, discipline and consistent
efforts of the students, teachers, parents and the school as a whole that has borne excellent result and set
another benchmark for the future school generation.