Meeting Challenges..

Sanskriti KMV School has always  transformed and evolved itself to meet the situational challenges. Undoubtedly the phase has brought tremendous changes in all phases including education. Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal, while mentioning about the huge transformations in school’s infrastructural resources, mentioned that  school campus is now WIFI enabled and all its classrooms are smart rooms.

With this upgradation, teachers, along with the content explanation, can now take the students to virtual demonstration of concept and even take their feedback. Upgraded smart rooms are with the facility of e-content which can help the students to refer in the absence of text material.  This will give students’  at home, a classroom oriented learning from the school campus.  In this similar context, school is holding rigorous training sessions through its smart classrooms connecting  teachers, to the students for deliverance of all subjects on an advanced  platform.

With its continuous appraisal towards enhancing the IT skills of the teachers, school is working day in and day out  to deliver best online education to the students under the present pandemic situation  worldwide. Preparing the school at all levels, Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal is continually strengthening the education scenario by bringing in tremendous changes and  utilising the IT resources to the optimum. She quoted,
“The present phase of global pandemic has brought many areas to standstill, but not the education and our spirits.”

 Mr Chander Mohan, President, Arya Shiksha Mandal, has expressed deep faith in the school working and congratulated Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal, in implementing all skeletal changes, aimed to beat the challenges in education deliverance.