Blessings Shower!

Seeking the blessings of Almighty, Sanskriti KMV School, held Hawan for the students of grade X and XII appearing for the CBSE Board Examination. On this sanctimonious occasion Sh. Chander Mohan Ji, President, Arya Shiksha Mandal and Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal, gave their pious presence. Sh Chander Mohan ji in his inspiring address to the board aspirants mentioned that, hard work always pays and preparations done with honesty and determination is always fruitful. Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal while thanking Sh Chander Mohan ji for the motivational address, assured the good academic results once again by the students. He also mentioned that one must carry the quality of expression and skill development, without which, no goal is achievable. Students were wished good luck and inspired to work with their full potential to excel in board Examination with distinctive result. Dr. Prof. Mrs Atima Sharma Dwivedi, Manager, Sanskriti KMV School conveyed her good wishes and blessings with high hopes to the students.